About Us

We have four helicopters in service, three predominately used in our mustering business & aerial applications.

Two machines are fitted with hooks for sling operation and pods for Aerial applications, Ag spray systems, charter & survey using GPS & recorded guidance.



Mission Statement

Fox Helicopter Services will always strive to provide a safe, reliable aerial service that is cost effective while ensuring the long term relationship of customers and employees.



Core Values

  1. We value our people and the attitudes that create a safe work place.
  2. We value the long term relationship of our customers and relating services to suit their demands.
  3. To not compromise environmental standards and strive to fulfil expectations of community standards.

We proudly support

  • Richmond Campdraft Association
  • Richmond State School
  • Richmond Fish Stocking Association
  • Richmond Field Days & Turf Club
  • Richmond Rodeo Association
  • Richmond Dirt Bike Club
  • Richmond Amateur Swim Club
  • Maxwelton Race Club
  • Sedan Dip Sports Assocation
  • Outback fossil festival
  • Saxby Round Up